Dressing tools

The dressing or conditioning of the grinding wheel is of decisive importance for the grinding result. This is usually done after the grinding wheel has been flanged and balanced. Different application parameters and the choice of dressing tool have a great influence on the grinding process and the grinding result.

There are two types of dressing methods.

Standing dressing tools:
These include: Single grain dressers, multi-grain dressers, profile diamonds, BCT dressers, dressing bars and dressing plates.

Rotating dressing tools:
These include: Diamond profile rolls, diamond shaped rolls



Single-grain dresser

The quality of the single-grain dresser strongly depends on the quality of the dressing diamonds used. The dressing tool removes dull abrasive grains and metal particles and restores the correct geometric abrasive shapes.

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Multi-stone dresser

The diamonds in the multi-stone dresser can be arranged in a wide variety of ways, depending on the area of application. Due to the large diamond surface, the workload is optimally distributed to the grinding wheel and enables effective work.

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Multi-grain dresser

Multi-grain dressers have the advantage over single-grain dressing diamonds that they wear much more slowly and can be used until they are completely worn out. They are perfect for the implementation of flat surfaces or sharp edges.

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Profile dresser

Our ground profile dresser has a radius that has been precisely checked for the profile image and the production is monitored by the most modern machines and optical devices. In this way, we can guarantee that the quality is the same, even for the most complex grinding profiles.

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Dressing rolls

There are two basic types of dressing rollers, the form roller and the profile roller. Our dressing rolls are created using the most modern and environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies and combine the latest technologies with modern abrasives.

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Dressing plates

A dressing plate is perfect for dressing, profiling or copying and can even replace expensive profile diamonds in most cases. By adjusting the dressing side feed, the effective space depth of the grinding wheel surface can be perfectly adapted to your own needs.

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BCT dresser

With our BCT dresser, your existing PCD triangle system can be converted within one minute. Due to compatible external dimensions, only the replacement of the plates is necessary, the existing holder systems can still be used.

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