Single-grain dresser

The single-grain diamond dresser is the most well-known diamond insert in the industry. Material surface quality and material dimensional accuracy depend on the quality of the dressing diamonds.

A prerequisite for the optimum dressing of a grinding wheel with the aid of diamonds is the coordination of the diamond weight and the size, width and hardness of the grinding wheel.

The dressing tool fulfills two main functions: It removes abrasive grains and metal particles that have become dull and restores the correct geometric grinding wheel shapes.

Choice of diamonds

The weight of the diamond in the dressing tool depends on the size of the grinding wheel. For very wide grinding wheels, it is advisable to choose a diamond of the next higher weight class.


For tools for dressing straight surfaces, octahedral diamonds with several natural tips are preferred.


The infeed is to be selected with a maximum of 0.03 mm. The diamond tool should be inserted at an angle of 5-15 degrees slightly below the center of the wheel.