Galvanic bonds

In contrast to the synthetic resin and metal bonds, the diamond or CBN bodies protrude relatively far from the abrasive coating. They give the electroplated tools a high degree of grinding friendliness and high cutting performance.

When machining wear-resistant and short-chipping materials, the constant grinding performance is not guaranteed due to the lack of a self-sharpening effect with single-layer grinding surfaces.

Since galvanic bonds allow peripheral speeds> 200m / s, they can also be used very well in high-speed production. Galvanic abrasive coatings are used on non-dressable profile carriers and have a very good profile consistency.

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In addition to the grinding of carbide, electroplated diamond tools are also ideally suited for the machining of

  • Green ( presintered) hard metals
  • Thermosets
  • GFK – Materials
  • Gaphite
  • Electric carbon
  • Ferrites
  • Ceramic materials
  • Hollow glass
  • Laboratory glass

CBN tools with galvanic bonding are preferred for grinding bores on internal and jig grinding machines. The tools are used for hardened steels above 58 HRC, but especially for high-alloy tool and high-speed steels.

Special shapes and profile tools can be produced at short notice in this binding. The steel bodies required for this are manufactured by us according to the drawing or by the customer.

Used (processed) diamond and CBN tools can be provided with a new galvanic abrasive coating.

Negative profile dressing rolls have been used in series production for many years. They guarantee high dimensional and form accuracy of the ground workpieces. They are available in 2 bond variants with different characteristics. On the one hand the hand-set infiltrated version and on the other hand the galvanically statistically manufactured version.

Common to both roller types is that the workpiece end profile, which also represents the dressing roller profile, must be “mapped” in a ring-shaped negative master form. The selected diamond grit is deposited in the profile of the negative master form ring in different manufacturing processes and then sintered or electroplated to the base body of the later profile dressing roll.

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