Dressing plates

Dressing plates are excellently suited for “straight dressing”, but can also be used for profiling and copying, as they are only set with diamond rows in one plane. In addition, in most cases they replace expensive, ground profile diamonds which are used for profiling the various grinding wheels.

In addition, by varying the dressing side-feed, they ensure that the effective roughness depth of the grinding wheel surface is adapted to the machining process. The dressing plates contain natural diamond tips of selected quality. They vary in size and gap distance depending on the grinding wheel grain and are set by hand in several layers.

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The synthetic rods in the dressing plates, polycrystalline diamonds, Chemical Vapour Desposition and monocrystalline diamonds, have the advantage of a constant cross-section compared to natural diamond dressing plates.

The defined cross sections of 0.1-1.3mm and the length of 3-5mm provide reproducible dressing processes and consistent wear rates. The tool life is also increased many times over.

Also an important aspect in the CNC grinding process.

We also have dressing plates made of so-called Ghana sand in our production program. They are set by hand according to a special scheme similar to the diamond needle plates. These are whole, grown diamond crystals of compact, roundish shape, which allow a closer setting of the plate. The tools are supplied in various swivel holders or rigid, soldered into any holder.