Ceramic bond

Krebs & Riedel offers users modern grinding tools that are individually tailored to the desired process. The grinding wheel specifications are based on in-house developed binding systems. This ensures optimal grain integration for the abrasives used. The key function is the structural design.

At Krebs & Riedel, grinding wheels are manufactured on modern machines with the latest CNC profiling technology. The process and the organization of the production guarantee our customers the highest quality standards when using the grinding wheels with the same structural properties and the closest hardness tolerances.

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  • Corundum and silicon carbide disks in ceramic and synthetic resin bonding up to 900 mm outside diameter for cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, tool grinding, centerless grinding, rough grinding,
  • Cut-off wheels in resin bond with and without fiber reinforcement up to 600 mm outer diameter for wet and dry cross-cut, for pendulum and rotary cutting,
  • Grinding and pendulum grinding wheels with and without fiber reinforcement for the contract cleaning and the foundry industry for pendulum grinding machines, bench grinders, grinding manipulators,

Ceramic binding systems have become Precision grinding largely implemented.

A major advantage of the ceramic bond is the controllable porosity. Depending on the size of the contact zone between workpiece and grinding tool, the structure is selected accordingly.

The larger the contact zone the more open and porous is the grinding wheel.

Particularly for the productive deep and full-cut grinding processes, highly porous grinding wheels are necessary, which can transport the cooling lubricant directly into the contact zone and optimally remove the chip produced. A product from this group are e.g. the successful KREBS – MULTO grinding tools.

Hard, harder, CBN and diamond.
The hardest abrasives in the world.

Greatest precision when grinding extremely hard iron and steel alloys or brittle hard materials, the best stock removal rates and the longest tool life still offer the hardest materials in the world: CBN and diamond.

Every abrasive can only be as good as his bond.

Outstanding tool life, profiles that also remain profiles, easy to dress and profile, cool grinding and strong machining. Services that are rightly required, particularly in the automotive and rolling bearing industry, in tool making and in the manufacture of cutting tools. These characteristics distinguish our ceramic-bonded grinding wheels.

A question of attitude:
The ceramic bond and its structure.

You shouldn’t adapt to our discs – we adapt the bindings and thus the properties of the discs exactly to your needs. Whether you need little melting, soft and crumbly discs or melting hard and firm ones. Or everything in between. We will set it up for you.

Our ceramic-bonded panes are characterized by their greater economy and productivity.

With a long service life, they achieve a high, cool cutting performance without resharpening. And of course they can be profiled very well and very sustainably. A clear product of our attitude: an uncompromising, results-oriented tool – intolerant and uncompromising.

For over 20 years
we manufacture for you.

During this time, we have developed numerous types of bindings that not only promise but guarantee optimal grain binding with a wide variety of controllable porosities. The strength and hardness of the grinding wheel do not only depend on the bond content. Rather, we fine-tune our bond to the chemical interface reactions of the individual abrasive grains.

Individual solutions
& full service

From the idea to the finished product, from the receipt of the raw materials to the dispatch of the balanced discs. From your first call to support and advice far beyond the purchase. We critically review each of our steps and continuously include your suggestions, wishes and goals. Today this is called quality in process.

We fulfill the strictest
national and international standards.

Not only in terms of pure product quality, but also in terms of environmental and occupational safety. We pursue these unconditional quality standards not only with our CBN and diamond tools, but through our entire production program.

We promise you the best quality.

We have been manufacturing grinding wheels for over 100 years, CBN and diamond grinding tools for over 20 years. Always under uncompromising quality criteria.