BCT dresser

Convert the existing PCD triangular system to the BCT dressers in your production within minutes. Compatible external dimensions mean that only the plates need to be replaced. The holder systems available in the machine can continue to be used. The dressing parameters are retained as a basis.

We offer all radii in the range of 0.050-0.500mm.

Standard Versions

Article description Material Angle Radius
BCT 60/100 CVD-DIA 60° 0,100
BCT 60/250 CVD-DIA 60° 0,250
BCT 60/500 CVD-DIA 60° 0,500


Another possibility is to convert existing dressing concepts to BCT dressers. Single stone dressers in the area of internal grinding wheels are preferably replaced by this concept. For this purpose we offer adapter systems as standard for: MK1, MK1 short (Studer), MK0 and D=10mm cylindrical. We also manufacture special holders on request.


The CVD diamond thick film consists of 99.98% diamond and contains no bonding matrix. This is a decisive advantage over the traditionally used PCD material. CVD-DIA ensures that a closed diamond structure at the radius is always in use. “Weak points” caused by the PCD typical binding matrix, e.g. cobalt, can no longer occur. The finely ground radii with tolerances of +-0.02mm complement this innovative material. This is how BCT dressers achieve their high reproducibility from radius to radius and tool to tool.

Standing times

When using BCT dressers in conventional grinding wheel applications, tool life increases of a factor of 2-4 per radius can be achieved on average for SIC and SG versions compared to PCD tools. This provides our customers with a wide range of possible applications with the aim of achieving maximum economic efficiency.